Research interests

I work on mathematical, algorithmic, and computational aspects of mathematical optimization. An originality of my early research is the application of continuous optimization techniques to discrete optimization problems: check out the overview of my HdR defence slides (in French) in Jan 2017.

Current research topics

  • Nonsmooth optimization: theory and algorithms
  • Distributed optimization for machine learning
  • Stochastic optimization and applications in electricity

Highlight: series of workshops OSL

In a ski resort close to Mont Blanc, we welcome, one year out of two, some of the leading researchers at the intersection of optimization and machine learning; see the fourth edition OSL2019.

Highlight: BiqCrunch 2.0 available !

New release of our software for solving quadratically-constrained BInary Quadratic optimization problems (BIQ). It outperforms state-of-the-art on the hardest combinatorial optimization problems, see more on the BiqCrunch web site. We gave an extended tutorial (15h) on BiqCrunch and semidefinite programming for combinatorial optimization at the summer school JPOC in 2017.