Research team DAO at LJK

The research of the team DAO focuses on mathematical optimization and machine learning to advance the theoretical foundations of data science, artificial intelligence, and decision-making systems. We have a good group, and some positions available, if you are a student interested in these topics, drop me an email. Over the last years, we have had the pleasure to welcome several (young or more experienced!) researchers (see more on the news page of the team):
  • Fall semester 2019 -- Nadia Brauner (UGA)
  • June 2019 -- Elnur Gasanov (KAUST)
  • March 2019 -- Sasha Rogozin (MIPT)
  • Feb. 2019 -- Welington de Oliveira (Mines de Paris)
  • Several visits over 2017 and 2018 -- Gabriel Peyre (ENS Ulm)

(Current/former) PhD Students and Post-doc

  • Selim Chraibi, PhD candidate codirected with F. Iutzeler (LJK)
  • Yu-Guan Hsieh, codirected with F. Iutzeler (LJK) and P. Mertikopoulos (LIG)
  • Yassine Laguel, PhD candidate
  • Mathias Chastan, PhD candidate codirected with F. Iutzeler (LJK) and A. Lam (ST Microelectronics)
  • Dmitry Grishchenko, PhD candidate codirected with F. Iutzeler (DAO, LJK) and M. Amini (LIG).
  • Simon Boulmier, Cifre PhD candidate at LocalSolver
  • Florent Bouchard, now post-doc
  • Federico Pierucci, now researcher at SmartMeUp
  • Sofia Zaourar-Michel, now researcher at Xerox European Research Center
  • Welington Oliveira, now Assistant Professor at Mines de Paris
  • Nathan Krislock, now Assitant Prof at North-Illinois (USA)
  • Marc Fuentes, now engineer at INRIA Bordeaux
  • Florent Cadoux, now Assitant Prof at Grenoble University


I have had the pleasure to work and write papers with brillant people. Several of my co-authors have now research positions in compagnies; others have stayed in academia. Here is a patchwork of my students and co-authors in academia (made at the beginning of 2017).