5 selected recent publications

(one/year over the last 5 years)
  • Eventual convexity of probability constraints with elliptical distributions
    Wim van Ackooij and Jerome Malick
    Mathematical Programming (2018) [paper][preprint]

  • BiqCrunch: a semidefinite branch-and-bound method for solving binary quadratic problems
    Nathan Krislock, Jerome Malick and Frederic Roupin
    ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (2017) [paper][preprint]

  • Decomposition algorithm for large-scale two-stage unit-commitment
    Wim van Ackooij and Jerome Malick
    Annals of Operations Research (2016) [paper][preprint]

  • Uncontrolled inexact information within bundle methods
    J. Malick, S. Zaourar et W. Oliveira
    EURO Journal of computational optimization (2015) [paper][preprint]

  • Cut-generating functions and S-free sets
    M. Conforti, G. Cornuejols, A. Daniilidis, C. Lemarechal, J. Malick
    Mathematics of Operations Research (2014) [paper][preprint]

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