rheolef  6.6
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1 class p_laplacian {
2 public:
3  typedef field value_type;
4  typedef Float float_type;
5  p_laplacian (Float p, const geo& omega, string approx);
6  field initial() const;
7  field residue (const field& uh) const;
8  void update_derivative (const field& uh) const;
9  field derivative_solve (const field& mrh) const;
10  field derivative_trans_mult (const field& mrh) const;
11  Float space_norm (const field& uh) const;
12  Float dual_space_norm (const field& mrh) const;
18  quadrature_option_type qopt;
19  mutable form a1;
20  mutable solver sa1;
21 };
22 #include "p_laplacian1.icc"
23 #include "p_laplacian2.icc"
Float space_norm(const field &uh) const
form_basic< Float, rheo_default_memory_model > form
Definition: form.h:230
solver sm
Definition: p_laplacian.h:17
p_laplacian(Float p, const geo &omega, string approx)
quadrature_option_type qopt
Definition: p_laplacian.h:18
solver_basic< Float > solver
Definition: solver.h:173
field_basic< Float > field
Definition: field.h:367
space_basic< Float > space
Definition: space.h:232
field initial() const
double Float
Definition: compiler.h:177
field derivative_trans_mult(const field &mrh) const
geo_basic< Float, rheo_default_memory_model > geo
geo - the default mesh class
Definition: geo.h:1302
solver sa1
Definition: p_laplacian.h:20
field residue(const field &uh) const
field value_type
Definition: p_laplacian.h:3
void update_derivative(const field &uh) const
Float dual_space_norm(const field &mrh) const
field derivative_solve(const field &mrh) const
Float float_type
Definition: p_laplacian.h:4