rheolef  6.5
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geo_trace_ray_boundary.cc File Reference
#include "rheolef/geo_trace_ray_boundary.h"
#include "rheolef/geo.h"
#include "rheolef/cgal_traits.h"
#include "rheolef/point_util.h"
#include <CGAL/AABB_tree.h>
#include <CGAL/AABB_traits.h>
#include <CGAL/AABB_triangle_primitive.h>
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struct  rheolef::hit_t< T >
struct  boost::mpi::is_mpi_datatype< rheolef::hit_t< double > >
struct  rheolef::nearest_hit< T >
class  rheolef::geo_trace_ray_boundary_abstract_rep< T, M >
struct  rheolef::geo_trace_ray_boundary_rep< T, M, D >
class  rheolef::geo_trace_ray_boundary_rep< T, M, 1 >
class  rheolef::geo_trace_ray_boundary_rep< T, M, 2 >
class  rheolef::geo_trace_ray_boundary_rep< T, M, 3 >


 irheostream, orheostream - large data streams

Constant Groups

 irheostream, orheostream - large data streams


template<class T >
static void rheolef::dis_compute_nearest (const communicator &comm, const point_basic< T > &x, bool &hit, point_basic< T > &y)