Postdoc/Engineer Opening on arithmetics and algorithmics for lattice-based cryptology

Starting: October 2011.

Duration: 12 months.

Location: University Joseph Fourier - Grenoble 1 (France). The succesful candidate will work at the Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann.

Contact: Laurent Fousse (
Jean-Guillaume Dumas (
Philippe Elbaz-Vincent

Scientific context

This position is opened within the MPLLC (Multi-Precision Library for Lattices and Cryptography) project. The MPLLC project aims to provide an efficient library for lattice-based cryptography and integrate it in framework of cryptographic primitives and protocols libraries (curves and integer-based) already developed in the team. Of particular interest are cryptosystems like NTRU or homomorphic encryption functions for example based on the Learning With Errors problem.

Job scope

The successful candidate will have to work on the linear algebra and arithmetic functions underlying the above mentioned systems and provide an efficient library that will have to integrate with the already existing libraries developed in the team (like RecInt, LinBox, Givaro, MPHELL).


Expertise in one of the following domains (cryptology, arithmetics, lattices, algorithmic number theory) and a programming experience (e.g. C/C++) are required. Knowledge of GPU programming is appreciated. The position is open to engineers as well as to postdoc students.

Please send your applications by email to