Research team DAO at LJK

The new research team DAO was created in November 2015, on mathematical optimization and machine learning for data science. We have a good group, and some positions available, if you are a student interested in these (hot) topic, drop me an email. We have also started a new seminar OGre on these topics with our colleagues from research labs of the campus and from some compagnies.

PhD Students and Post-doc

Recent guests

  • several visits in 2015 and 2016 -- Gabriel Peyre, CNRS, ENS Ulm
  • two visits in 2012 and 2013 -- Gerard Cornuejols, Carnegie Mellon University
  • April 2011 -- Aris Daniilidis, University Autonoma Barcelona
  • Sep.-Dec. 2010 -- Miro Dudik, Microsoft Research NYC


I have had the pleasure to work and write papers with brillant people. Several of my co-authors have now positions in industry and big data compagnies; others have stayed in academia. Here is a patchwork of my students and co-authors in academia (made at the beginning of 2017). The complete list of my co-authors is in page 3 of my extended CV (pdf) in French, updated in Jan. 2017.