Alphabetical order


— A —

aadc Asynchronous Analog to Digital Conversion
adc Analog to Digital Converter
adc2level Computation of the levels of an Analog to Digital Converter
adcinit Initialization of an analog to digital converter

— D —

delay2time Conversion of delays to times for a non uniform signal

— F —

fsm Filter state matrix
fsminit Initialization of a filter state matrix

— G —

gdft Generalized discrete Fourier transform

— H —

h2nu Conversion of a uniform transfer function to a non uniform transfer function

— I —

ifir Interpolated FIR filter (generic function)
ifir0 Zeroth order interpolated FIR filter
ifir1 Linearly interpolated FIR filter
iir IIR filter (generic function)
iirbilinear Bilinear scheme for IIR filters
iirEuler Euler scheme for IIR filters
iirEulerbw Backward Euler scheme for IIR filters
iirint0 Integral scheme with zeroth order interpolation for IIR filters
iirint1 Integral scheme with linear interpolation for IIR filters
iirintnn Integral scheme with nearest neighbor interpolation for IIR filters
iirRK23 Runge–Kutta23 scheme for IIR filters
iirRK4 Runge–Kutta4 scheme for IIR filters
interplin Real and complex linear interpolation
isadc Test of the analog to digital converter structure
isfsm Test of the filter state matrix structure
isnusig Test of the non uniform signal structure
isusig Test of the uniform signal structure

— L —

levelcross Level crossing scheme for a real signal

— N —

nuft Non uniform Fourier Transform (generic function)
nuft0 Non uniform Fourier Transform with zeroth order interpolation
nuft1 Non uniform Fourier Transform with linear interpolation
nuftnn Non uniform Fourier Transform with nearest neighbor interpolation
nuinit Initialization of a non uniform signal
nusig Non uniform signal

— T —

time2delay Conversion of times to delays for a non uniform signal

— U —

u2nu Conversion of a uniform signal to a non uniform signal
uinit Initialization of a uniform signal
usig Uniform signal